Logitech C920 camera pitch mount

Logitech C920 camera pitch mount
Logitech C920 pitch mount - still needs painting.

Waaayy back in December I modelled a pitch-roll camera mount for my Logitech C920 (autofocus, HD) to go on the head ring gear. Then I changed the approach and redesigned it... and again, then I dropped the roll axis as I was running in circles and it wasn't strictly necessary. Four or so printed iterations later I have a functioning active pitch control for the camera (yaw is taken care of by head rotation) allowing ±45° swing. 

The 5th iteration (not including previous pitch-roll designs) and includes a remixed version of:
Logitech C920 Adapter for RaffoSan's Camera Arm by Felwat 

I modified the C920 mount so it now has a flat base for taping or welding. My remix can be found on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3343134

I subsequently found what may have been a valid alternative:
Logitech C920 Universal Webcam Mount (Scews or 3M VHB) by ps915

First time printing with PETG too. I'm waiting for some paint to arrive then I'll see how well it takes it. Methylene chloride seems to work nicely for welding and smoothing.


ABS pitch-roll mount that was way too small
What was I thinking?!?

Servo actuation fail

Baggy arm
Bad bearing retainer

Getting there
Tweaked and snapped

A thing of beauty!
5th time lucky!


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