I am trying to make a robust wheeled-quadruped robot that can operate in "human-scale" environments. It's an ambitious project that's both a creative outlet and an excuse for me to learn new things. Heavily influenced by sci-fi but I'd like it to have some practical applications too.


  • Early stage experimentation complete. 
  • Overall concept refined. 
  • Core chassis and "head" constructed. Part-tested with simple software.
  • Linux and ROS researched and successfully installed on Raspberry Pi 3B+.
  • Overall system architecture drafted.
  • Head position controllable via UART (-4800 to +4800) or by pot.
  • First stab at power distribution and management including UPS for RPi. UPS being a PITA.
  • Camera pitch gimbal printed and mounted along with additional structural parts for organising head components.
  • Flex-spline gearbox printed for evaluation.
Crude concept, lacking wheels, arms and any detail - work in progress


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