Sensor mounting & shield painting

With my week-in-the-sun over, I decided where I wanted to place the main sensors (after some research and experimentation with a couple of microwave Doppler modules) and made the appropriate holes in the polycarbonate strip that will become the sensor collar.

The RGB LED strip repeatedly fell off while the shield just sat there; the adhesive tape is clearly sub-standard but this did provide the perfect opportunity to paint where I needed without too much detailed masking. I peeled off the existing adhesive tape ready to replace it with some better stuff.

I clamped the polycarbonate strip in place, using the LED strip to set the spacing, then solvent-welded with methylene chloride again. It is good stuff.

I masked the shield with tape and newspaper before getting too carried away with the spray paint. I do it every time; too eager, too much paint, paint runs. Arse. I let it dry and sand it back. This time I go with 2 or 3 lighter coats as I should've done in the first place.

After masking and painting

The result isn't perfect and I just noticed a small run that I'd missed. Oh well. It is what it is. Some more sealing and painting will be required on the top, but for now...
Next I cut-down some replacement adhesive tape and mounted the LEDs again and they seem to staying put this time.

Mounted LEDs again

A test fit was next on the agenda, to check how I was going to secure it and mark cut-outs to allow clearance for the rear of the sensors. 

Test fit

Rear sensor clearance was a rather hacky affair with shears and a knife. Load bearing fixings are now my concern, given that I wanted to be able to lift the whole robot by its head and there are no structural members protruding to the top (by design). It may not be possible in the end, but I have a cunning plan.


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